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Apr. 28, 2014

Replacement of STAP investigation committee chairperson

RIKEN announced that Distinguished Senior Scientist Shunsuke Ishii, chairperson of the committee investigating research misconduct in the Nature STAP papers, will be replaced by Jun Watanabe, a lawyer, who is one of the current members of the committee.

Dr. Ishii reported to RIKEN today that problems had been raised concerning an article whose publication he was involved in, and indicated that he wished to resign his position both as chairperson and member of the investigation committee. RIKEN accepted his resignation and will replace him.

In relation to this, RIKEN was separately notified on April 24 regarding the allegations involving the article, and in response, an investigation has been launched by the Auditing and Compliance Office in accordance with RIKEN’s Regulations on the Prevention of Research Misconduct.