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Apr. 8, 2016

Upcoming symposium on quantitative cell profiling

Poster for QBiC symposium

Recent progress in live cell imaging technologies and omics fields has been incredible. We will soon have greater understanding of cell biology if we can harness the advantages of both techniques and furthermore, if we can develop the algorithm that relates the huge data from both microscopy and omics by using AI and deep learning, we will gain an extraordinarily strong tool for predicting the detailed internal state of cells through microscopic images, with potential breakthroughs in disease diagnosis, drug development, therapy, and regenerative medicine to be realized.

To achieve such goals however, closer communication between researchers in experimental, theoretical and bioinformatics fields is necessary. It is from this perspective that the second annual QBiC Symposium will be held on September 5-7, 2016.

The primary objectives of this symposium are to provide a platform for exchanging ideas among leading scientists in a variety of fields and to promote future collaborations. This international symposium will be held in Osaka, Japan, hosted by the RIKEN Quantitative Biology Center (QBiC). At the symposium, 17 prominent scientists from Japan and abroad will present cutting edge research on the theme “Decoding Organisms by Quantitative Cell Profiling.”

The symposium is organized based on the belief that in this rapidly advancing era of science, direct interaction between people is one of the most effective ways to spread knowledge and inspire researchers to explore new directions. The event is free and all participants are encouraged to present posters. Online registration for posters will be open until July 25 and a travel fellowship application is available through June 6. For more information, visit the link to event website.