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Nov. 24, 2021

Joint workshop with University of Strasbourg

Screenshot of the meeting

On September 9, RIKEN and the University of Strasbourg held a joint workshop to celebrate 25 years of partnership between the two institutes. The workshop focused on presentations by mid-career researchers. The aims were to encourage human networks between the two institutions—particularly important during the global pandemic, when face-to-face meetings are difficult—as well as to share information on research, help matching between researchers, and share ideas.

The event began with opening remarks by RIKEN Executive Director Yuko Harayama and University of Strasbourg Vice-President for Research Remi Barillon, followed by eight presentations by researchers from the two institutes, on subjects including immunology, sleep, disease transmission, artificial metalloenzymes, and image reconstruction in computed tomography.

Executive Director Harayama said, “Over the past 25 years, we have held numerous joint symposiums and a total of nearly 60 exchanges between the two institutions have taken place. I hope that exchanging pertinent information at this workshop will help researchers from both our institutes to find new insights in their research and expand their scientific networks.”