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Mar. 19, 2024

The RIKEN Wako Campus will be open to the public for cherry-blossoms viewing on Saturday, March 30

image of cherry blossoms in Wako

Date and time: Saturday, March 30, 2024, from 1 pm to 4 pm
(Admission possible until 3:30 pm)
Suspended in case of rain (will be held in case of light rain)

Note: Depending on the timing of cherry blossom blooming, the event may be cancelled. In that case, we will provide information beforehand through our website.

Open Area: As shown below. Regarding the types of cherry blossoms, there are mainly someiyoshino (Prunus yedoensis) and also, Nishina Zao, and Nishina Otome.

map showing open area in Wako Campus


  • Please enter through RIKEN’s West Gate and complete the necessary procedures at the reception desk before viewing the cherry blossoms.
  • Please do not enter areas beyond the Open Area.
  • No vehicles (including scooters and motorbikes) are permitted.
  • If you come by bicycle, please park your bicycle in the designated area.
  • Pets are not allowed (except for service animals).
  • Eating and drinking are prohibited on the premises. Also, no hazardous materials may be brought onto the premises.

Wako General Affairs Section, Wako Administrative Division
Wako Branch, RIKEN