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Apr. 9, 2024

RIKEN is Smoke-Free as of April 2024

Many scientific findings show that smoking increases the risk of developing diseases such as cancer, and poses the health hazard of passive smoking to those nearby.

In order to prevent unwanted passive smoking, RIKEN has already removed its indoor smoking areas. However, it goes without saying that RIKEN cannot continually improve its research and development outcomes as a world-class research institute without making the health of every single person who works here a top priority.

Therefore, we have decided to further promote the health of all those working at RIKEN by more accurately communicating the health hazards of smoking, helping smokers to quit, and completely preventing passive smoking among nonsmokers.

For this reason, RIKEN has implemented a total smoking ban on all campuses from April 2024. We ask for your understanding and cooperation in order to further promote the health of all people associated with RIKEN.