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Jun. 5, 2024

President of the Max Planck Society visits Tokyo and Wako Campuses

On April 9, a delegation led by Prof. Dr. Patrick Cramer, President of the Max Planck Society (Germany), visited the RIKEN Tokyo and Wako Campuses. On the Wako Campus, they met with Executive Directors including President Makoto Gonokami and exchanged views on past and future activities between the two institutions.

Before visiting the Wako Campus, the delegation went to the Tokyo Campus for a tour of the RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project, by Center Director Masashi Sugiyama and Team Leader (Cognitive Behavioral Assistive Technology Team) Mihoko Otake. They then moved to the Wako Campus for the meeting and a tour of the Cluster for Pioneering Research.

In the evening of the same day, a "Reception to Commemorate the 40th Anniversary of the Cooperation between the Max Planck Society and RIKEN" was held at the official residence of the Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to Japan H.E. Dr. Clemens von Goetze, jointly hosted by the German Embassy in Tokyo and the Max Planck Society. The reception was attended by a large number of guests, and congratulatory speeches were delivered by Ambassador von Goetze, President Cramer, President Gonokami, and Ms. Misako Kaji, Ambassador for Science and Technology Cooperation as Special Assistant to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.

Image of President Gonokami and President Cramer

President Makoto Gonokami (left), President Patrick Cramer (right)

Group photo

Executive Director Makiko Naka (3rd from left), Executive Director Minoru Yoshida (5th), Executive Director Kohei Miyazono (7th), President Makoto Gonokami (9th), President Patrick Cramer (10th), Vice President / Director at the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences Christian Doeller (11th), Director at the MPI for Nuclear Physics Klaus Blaum (12th), Director at the MPI for Medical Research Joachim Spatz (14th)

Image of President Gonokami, Ambassador Goetze, President Cramer, Ambassador Kaji

(From left) President Makoto Gonokami, Ambassador Clemens von Goetze, President Patrick Cramer, Ambassador Misako Kaji