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RIKEN BioResource Research Center (BRC®) iPS Cell Research Unit for Drug Discovery

Unit Leader: Yukio Nakamura (M.D., Ph.D.)

Research Summary

The technology to generate induced Pluripotent Stem (iPS) cells opened a new way for research of disease through the generation and utilization of iPS cells derived from patients (disease-specific iPS cells). This unit aims to develop a new screening method for drug discovery using the diseased cells of each disease derived from disease-specific iPS cells.

Main Research Fields

  • Biological Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Biology


  • Hematology
  • Mesenchymal Stem Cell

Selected Publications

  • 1.Yamada, T., Abei, M., Danjoh, I., Shirota, R., Yamashita, T., Hyodo, I., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Identification of a unique hepatocellular carcinoma line, Li-7, with CD13(+) cancer stem cells hierarchy and population change upon its differentiation during culture and effects of sorafenib."
    BMC Cancer 15: 260. doi: 10.1186/s12885-015-1297-7 (2015)
  • 2.Yamada, K. and Nakamura, Y.:
    "High dose of D-glucose enhances cell growth in primary cultures of C. elegans cells."
    Worm Breeder's Gazette 20: 16-17 (2014)
  • 3.Kurita, R., Suda, N., Sudo, K., Miharada, K., Hiroyama, T., Miyoshi, H., Tani, K., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Establishment of immortalized human erythroid progenitor cell lines able to produce enucleated red blood cells."
    PLoS ONE 8: e59890 (2013)
  • 4.Danjoh, I., Shirota, R, Hiroyama, T., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Dominant expansion of a cryptic subclone with an abnormal karyotype in B lymphoblastoid cell lines during culture."
    Cytogen. Genome Res. 139: 88-96 (2013)
  • 5.Danjoh, I., Sone, H., Shirota, R., Hiroyama, T., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Development of a robust method for establishing B cell lines using Epstein-Barr Virus."
    In Vitro Cell. Dev. Biol. - Animal 48: 393-402 (2012)
  • 6.Miharada, K., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "In vitro production of enucleated red blood cells from hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells."
    Methods Mol. Biol. 879: 505-512 (2012)
  • 7.Hiroyama, T., Miharada, K., Kurita, R., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Plasticity of cells and ex vivo production of red blood cells."
    Stem Cell Int. 2011: Article ID 195780, open access journal, doi:10.4061/2011/195780 (2011)
  • 8.Danjoh, I., Saijo, K., Hiroyama, T., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "The Sonoda-Tajima Cell Collection, a human genetics research resource with emphasis on South American indigenous populations."
    Genome Biol. Evol. 3: 272-283, open access journal, doi:10.1093/gbe/evr014 (2011)
  • 9.Sudo, K., Yasuda, J., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Gene expression profiles of cryopreserved CD34+ human umbilical cord blood cells are related to their bone marrow reconstitution abilities in mouse xenografts."
    Biochem. Biophys. Res. Commun. 397: 697-705 (2010)
  • 10.Fujioka, T., Shimizu, N., Miyoshi, H., and Nakamura, Y.:
    "Establishment of induced pluripotent stem cells from human neonatal tissues."
    Hum. Cell 23: 113-118 (2010)

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yukio Nakamura
Unit Leader

Core members

Takashi Hiroyama
Research & Development Scientist
Kazuhiro Sudo
Contract Researcher

Contact Information

BioResource Building for Cell Research
3-1-1 Koyadai, Tsukuba, Ibaraki, 305-0074, Japan
Tel: +81-(0)29-836-9124
Fax: +81-(0)29-836-9130
Email: yukio.nakamura [at] riken.jp