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RIKEN Center for Brain Science Support Unit for Animal Resources Development

Unit Leader: Yoshihiro Yoshihara (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Yoshihiro  Yoshihara(Ph.D.)

This unit maintains CBS's well-equipped laboratory animal housing facilities, and supplies reliable high quality animals. Well-trained technical staff provide services such as transgenic mice generation and mouse embryo manipulation.

Main Research Fields

  • Biological Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Biology


  • Laboratory Animal Science
  • Laboratory Animal Medicine
  • behavior
  • consciousness
  • claustrum

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yoshihiro Yoshihara
Unit Leader

Core members

Kimie Niimi
Senior Technical Scientist
Kaori Watanabe
Expert Technician
Ami Ito
Expert Technician
Toshiyuki Shiraki
Technical Staff I
Satomi Nakayama
Technical Staff I
Ryoko Nakayama
Technical Staff I
Akiko Ishioka
Technical Staff I
Chie Sano
Technical Staff I
Yuko Shigeno
Technical Staff I
Akiko Tsuji
Technical Staff II

Contact Information

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
Email: yoshihiro.yoshihara [at] riken.jp