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RIKEN Center for Brain Science (CBS)

Ryoichiro Kageyama(M.D., Ph.D.) Director: Ryoichiro Kageyama (M.D., Ph.D.)

As we rapidly enter an unprecedented aging society, mental disorders such as dementia are becoming a major problem. In addition, due to the COVID-19 pandemic/outbreak, our social life is restricted, causing mental health problems not only in aged people but in young people as well. These are the urgent issues that our society faces and thus should solve.

The brain is the basis for our minds integral to living human lives, and its dysfunction leads to mental illness. CBS takes a multi-disciplinary approach involving medicine, biology, chemistry, engineering, mathematical sciences, and psychology, to advance basic research on the functions of the brain and the mind–from genetic and cellular levels to whole body and social systems–and develop innovative technologies in the process. Through these activities, we aim to elucidate the network of brain functions and overcome mental disorders, thereby addressing critical societal problems.


List of Organizations

Laboratory for Consciousness
Hakwan Lau (Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Systems Neurophysiology
Shigeyoshi Fujisawa (Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Neural Cell Dynamics
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi (M.D., Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Neurodiversity
Adrian Walton Moore (Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Systems Molecular Ethology
Yoshihiro Yoshihara (Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Neural Stem Cell Research
Ryoichiro Kageyama (M.D., Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Cell Function Dynamics
Atsushi Miyawaki (M.D., Ph.D.)
Laboratory for Multi-scale Biological Psychiatry
Akiko Hayashi-Takagi (M.D., Ph.D.)
Brain Intelligence Theory Unit
Takuya Isomura (Ph.D.)
Neural Circuits and Computations Unit
Louis Kang (M.D., Ph.D.)
Biomedical Neural Dynamics Collaboration Laboratory
Hirofumi Nakatomi (M.D., Ph.D.)
Dementia Pathophysiology Collaboration Unit
Hiroki Sasaguri (M.D., Ph.D)
Integrative Computational Brain Science Collaboration Division
Taro Toyoizumi (Ph.D.)
Neuroinformatics Unit
Tomomi Shimogori (Ph.D.)
Brain Image Analysis Unit
Henrik Skibbe (Dr. rer. nat.)
Brain Medical Science Collaboration Division
Shigeo Okabe (M.D., Ph.D.)
Research Resources Division
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi (M.D., Ph.D.)
Support Unit for Bio-Material Analysis
Nobuhiko Miyasaka (Ph.D.)
Neuroscience Drug Discovery Unit
Hiroyuki Kamiguchi (M.D., Ph.D.)
RIKEN CBS-EVIDENT Open Collaboration Center
Atsushi Miyawaki (M.D., Ph.D.)
RIKEN CBS-TOYOTA Collaboration Center
Yasuo Kuniyoshi (Ph.D.)
Strategic Collaboration Unit
Yasuo Kuniyoshi (Ph.D.)

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Contact Information

Brain Science Central Bldg.
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako, Saitama
351-0198 Japan
Email: pr-cbs [at] ml.riken.jp