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RIKEN Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub (RCSTI)

Minoru Yoshida Director: Minoru Yoshida (D.Agr.)

The RIKEN Cluster for Science, Technology and Innovation Hub aims to enhance scientific excellence in Japan and promote further innovation by developing RIKEN into a science and technology hub, in collaboration with academia and industry and by creating and strengthening networks for research and development.

We also promote open innovation that will maximize research outcomes by identifying society’s needs, seeking out research topics that will lead to the development of new technology, and linking these to new applications in industry. We will reinforce RIKEN’s organization-to-organization collaborations and enhance our co-creation activities with industry.

Specifically, we offer the RIKEN Baton Zone Program and the RIKEN Industrial Co-creation Program to promote collaborations with industry, and the RIKEN Program for Drug Discovery and Medical Technology Platforms(DMP) as research programs directed at building a healthy aging society.


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Contact Information

Administrative Headquarters
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako, Saitama
351-0198 Japan
Tel: +81-(0)50-3500-5338
Email: csth-suishin [at] riken.jp