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RIKEN Wako Campus Entry Procedures for Visitors

Visitors must apply for an entry permit to enter the premises of RIKEN Wako Campus. Please read the following and complete necessary procedures.

Applying for One-Day Entry Permit

  • Apply for a one-day entry permit by filling out the "Application for One-Day Entry Permits for Visitors" at the West Gate Guard Station.
  • If you are visiting RIKEN by car, please read the "Visiting RIKEN by car" section below.
  • Entry into campus for the purpose of sales without appointment or handing out leaflets are not allowed.

Example for filling out an Application for One-Day Entry Permits for Visitors

Example (front) Front
Example (back) Back

Note: The application form shown above is available at the guard station.

Applying for pre-registration

  • To simplify the entry process at the guard station, you may pre-register through the section/laboratory that you will be visiting (Visitor pre-registration).
  • If you wish to apply for visitor pre-registration, please make a request to the section/laboratory you are visiting at least one business day before the day of visit.
    Note: To register you will be asked to provide the following information: (1) Name (full name), (2) Name (in hiragana characters), (3) Affiliation (company, university etc.), (4) Contact information (telephone number), (5) License plate number (if arriving by car).
  • Once the pre-registration is complete, a "reception number" is issued. Please confirm it at the section/laboratory you are visiting.
  • Upon arrival at RIKEN, your entry procedure will be completed by just providing your "reception number and full name." (You do not need to fill out the Application for One-Day Entry Permits for Visitors.)
    Note: Group registration is also possible, in which you may be able to shorten the process of entry upon arrival on Campus.
  • It is recommended that visitor have the section/laboratory they are visiting on the Wako Campus pre-register them. If the section/laboratory you are visiting requests pre-registration please cooperate as much as possible.

Visiting RIKEN by car

At Wako Campus, in addition to simplifying the entry process, we are promoting the effective usage of parking space and decreasing the number of cars entering RIKEN due to the shortage of parking space. Please read the following items (1 to 3) to understand the entry process and parking rules. We also encourage visitors to use public transport or car pools as much as possible.

1. Entry into the premises for contract work, delivery, participating in competitive biddings or explanatory meetings for biddings

  • Entry and parking permits will be issued upon the completion of the application form at the guard station.
  • In principle, you must park your car in the designated area (see Wako Campus Parking Map) on campus and must not park on the streets.
    Note: An exception would be visitors to park their vehicles for a short time anywhere on campus to deliver parcels or goods. (However, parking is not allowed in front of the main entrances of buildings. Parking in any one location is limited to a maximum of 30 minutes.)
  • Vehicles for construction and other contract work are only allowed to be parked at the West Gate parking, South Gate Parking, and East Area Parking (Wako Campus Parking Map) except when they are used for the work. Use of other parking spaces is not allowed.

2. Entry for interviews with RIKEN personnel or by request of RIKEN

  • When you are coming by car, please arrange with the section/laboratory you are visiting beforehand and pre-register as much as possible.
  • It is possible to enter, and park at RIKEN without pre-registering by filling out the one-day entry permit at the guard station on the day of the visit. However, as it takes time for visitors to fill out the form, we recommend that you pre-register beforehand.

3. Entry for sales promotion

  • To enter RIKEN for purposes other than delivery of goods, please use the public parking lot outside of RIKEN.
    Note: Exceptions are acceptable when requested by RIKEN employees.

*Note: The restriction above does not apply for entry and parking of vehicles on weekends and holidays. Please apply for entry permit at the guard station and receive a one-day parking permit.

Thank you for your cooperation.

RIKEN Wako Campus Parking & Receiving Inspection Center Map

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Image of RIKEN Wako Campus Parking & Receiving Inspection Center Map


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