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Feb. 24, 2015

Symposium on neural circuitry and neurotechnology

Banner for the symposium

On May 11 and 12, the RIKEN Brain Science Institute will hold, in partnership with Fondation IPSEN, AAAS/Science, and AAAS/Science Translational Medicine, a two-day symposium in Tokyo on neural circuitry and the development of neurotechnology.

Neural circuits are central to our understanding of how the brain works. Promoting basic research into the form and function of neural circuits and the translation of this research into neurotechnologies for both studying the brain and for treating different diseases and injuries is the theme of the symposium, which is part of the Bridging Biomedical Worlds conference series.

The meeting will cover a broad range of topics including memory formation, decision making, sensory systems, circuits that determine complex behavior, and new technologies that exploit neural circuitry, as well as the translation of this knowledge into clinical applications. Keynote speakers will include Stanislas Dehaene of the INSERM-CEA Cognitive Neuroimaging Unit, who will speak on recent progress in understanding consciousness and its disorders, Thomas Südhof of Stanford University School of Medicine, who will give a talk on "hacking the neurexin code: towards a molecular logic of neural circuits."

This event forms part of the RIKEN Symposium Series.