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Feb. 1, 2024

New policies for startups

In order to stimulate the creation of science, technology and innovation through social application of research results, RIKEN has been certifying and supporting groups of companies (RIKEN Ventures) that have passed a certain level of screening under the RIKEN Venture Certification and Support System. However, as the number of startups increase and their fields diversify in recent years, RIKEN believes effective promotion is important for both researchers who are considering startups themselves and stakeholders aside from researchers who are interested in directly handling RIKEN’s research results. Thus, starting from December 2023, RIKEN decided to broadly open its system to the public as a way to strengthen startup support measures under the policy of "visualization.” Based on the policies above, RIKEN has revised its Venture Certification and Support System to take new initiatives as shown below.

Policies and measures toward strengthening startups

Note: New measures will be announced accordingly.

Expansion of the scope of support (easing support restrictions)

In accordance with the intent of the Law on the Revitalization of Science, Technology and Innovation Creation, support will be extended to those unlisted companies (in principle, established less than 10 years ago) that utilize RIKEN’s research results and meet any of the following criteria, in addition to the support provided to accredited RIKEN Ventures.

  • 1. Companies that have commercialized or plan to commercialize research results conducted by RIKEN.
  • 2. Companies that have commercialized or plan to commercialize joint research results conducted with RIKEN.
  • 3. Other companies that RIKEN deems appropriate for support.

Note: Please note that as of December 2023, RIKEN does not accredit firms as RIKEN-originated startups or give titles under any circumstances. Therefore, even though there are companies other than currently accredited RIKEN Ventures which claim to be RIKEN-originated startups or to have similar titles, they are not accredited by RIKEN, and it is emphasized that RIKEN is not liable for them whatsoever. Please see RIKEN’s website for currently accredited RIKEN Ventures.

Expansion of the scope of share option payments

The scope of payments by share options will be expanded, whereas currently the scope is limited.

Clarification and transparency of treatment of side work

For researchers engaging in side work at a RIKEN startup, the basic idea is to allow researchers and equivalent to assume positions as officers without representative authority, such as Chief Technology Officer (CTO), or to be founders of startups, under certain conditions.

Clarification and transparency in terms of patent enforcement

Until now, the form of license implementation has been, in principle, the granting of a non-exclusive or exclusive license, but a special exclusive license has been added as an option.

Expansion of opportunities to use advanced facilities, equipment, and devices

RIKEN will drastically expand the provision of opportunities to use RIKEN's cutting-edge facilities, equipment and devices.