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Jan. 22, 2024

iTHEMS holds exchange event with members of the Masason Foundation

The RIKEN Interdisciplinary Theoretical and Mathematical Sciences Program (iTHEMS) held its first exchange event with members of the Masason Foundation in Shibuya, Tokyo, on Thursday, December 7th 2023, as part of its efforts to nurture young talent for the future. Thirteen Foundation members, ranging in age from 9 to 26 years old, with interests in areas including mathematics, physics, biology, and AI, and ten iTHEMS researchers participated in the event.

From iTHEMS, Deputy Program Director Shigehiro Nagataki first gave an overview of iTHEMS, followed by a presentation on invariants and their categorifications in relation to his research subject, low-dimensional topology, by Taketo Sano, a special postdoctoral researcher. Then, four members from the Masason Foundation gave presentations on their research in mathematics, biology, and quantum physics. The youngest presenter, 9 years old, introduced his research results on the Napier number (e=2.718...). A 13-year-old member (Ph.D. student) specializing in quantum physics presented his research results on quasi-particles called polarons.

During the free time, the Masason Foundation members and iTHEMS researchers engage in free and lively discussions on a wide range of topics, from the generalization of perfect numbers to discussions on a technique to obtain sequence data of mRNA transcripts from individual cells. After the event, iTHEMS received messages from the participating the Masason Foundation members expressing their hopes to have another event, while iTHEMS researchers also reported having thoroughly enjoyed the stimulating interactions. iTHEMS will continue to support youth with high aspirations and exceptional talents who will lead the future.

 image of Taketo Sano (iTHEMS Special Postdoctoral Researcher) giving presentation

Presentation by Taketo Sano (iTHEMS Special Postdoctoral Researcher)

image of a member of the Masason Foundation giving presentation

Presentation by a member of the Masason Foundation