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RIKEN Baton Zone Program Microalgae Resource Upcycling Research Laboratory

Team Leader: Suzuki Kengo (D.Agr.)
Deputy Team Leader: Keiichi Mochida (Ph.D.)

Research Summary

Suzuki  Kengo(D.Agr.) Keiichi Mochida

The team is based on the former team, Microalgae Production Control Technology Research Team. In the former team, we established the world's first genome-editing technology for Euglena. Furthermore, we produced a large number of genome-edited strains by utilizing the established technology. We have also utilized those strains for genetics of Euglena and demonstrated the potential of the technology for use in breeding. The new team will focus in particular on adding value to the extraction residue when microalgae are used to produce lipids and sugars, and aim to further apply the above technologies in practice.

[Integrated Collaborative Research with: euglena Co.,Ltd.]

Main Research Fields

  • Biology

Related Research Fields

  • Agricultural Sciences
  • Applied microbiology-related
  • Crop production science-related


  • Micfroalgae
  • Genome editing
  • breeding
  • Residual resource

Selected Publications

Papers with an asterisk(*) are based on research conducted outside of RIKEN.

  • 1. Harada, Ryo, et al.
    "Genetic engineering strategies for Euglena gracilis and its industrial contribution to sustainable development goals: A review."
    Frontiers in Bioengineering and Biotechnology 8 (2020): 790.
  • 2. Tamaki, Shun, Keiichi Mochida, and Kengo Suzuki.
    "Diverse biosynthetic pathways and protective functions against environmental stress of antioxidants in microalgae."
    Plants 10.6 (2021): 1250.
  • 3. *Kadono, Takashi, et al.
    "The possibility of using marine diatom-infecting viral promoters for the engineering of marine diatoms."
    Plant Science 296 (2020): 110475.
  • 4. *Toyama, Tadashi, et al.
    "Enhanced production of biomass and lipids by Euglena gracilis via co-culturing with a microalga growth-promoting bacterium, Emticicia sp. EG3."
    Biotechnology for biofuels 12.1 (2019): 1-12.
  • 5. Nomura, Toshihisa, et al.
    "Highly efficient transgene‐free targeted mutagenesis and single‐stranded oligodeoxynucleotide‐mediated precise knock‐in in the industrial microalga Euglena gracilis using Cas9 ribonucleoproteins."
    Plant biotechnology journal 17.11 (2019): 2032.
  • 6. *Yoshioka, Kazumasa, Kengo Suzuki, and Takashi Osanai.
    "Effect of pH on metabolite excretion and cell morphology of Euglena gracilis under dark, anaerobic conditions."
    Algal Research 51 (2020): 102084.
  • 7. *Tomita, Yuko, et al.
    "Amino acid excretion from Euglena gracilis cells in dark and anaerobic conditions."
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  • 8. *Kaha, Marshila, et al.
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  • 9. *Kadono, Takashi, et al.
    "Characterization of Chaetoceros lorenzianus-infecting DNA virus-derived promoters of genes from open reading frames of unknown function in Phaeodactylum tricornutum."
    Marine Genomics 61 (2022): 100921.
  • 10. Keiichi Mochdia, Shun Tamaki.
    "Transcription Factor-Based Genetic Engineering in Microalgae"
    Plants 10 (2021): 1602.

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Suzuki Kengo
Team Leader

Core members

Keiichi Mochida
Deputy Team Leader
Toshihisa Nomura
Research Scientist
Aya Ide
Research Part-time Worker II
Koji Yamada
Visiting Scientist
Iwao Ohtsu
Visiting Scientist
Hideyuki Adachi
Visiting Scientist
Marumi Ishikawa
Visiting Scientist
Chihana Toyokawa
Visiting Scientist
Yusuke Kawano
Visiting Scientist
Kohei Atsuji
Visiting Scientist
Ayaka Nakashima
Visiting Scientist
Enrico Gianino
Visiting Scientist
kazuki Yokoyama
Visiting Scientist
Kikue Hirota
Visiting Technician
Yoshihiro Naka
Visiting Technician
Nobuko Nitta
Visiting Technician
Chieko Higuchi
Visiting Technician
Yuko Miwa
Visiting Technician

Contact Information

7F East Research Building
1-7-22 Suehiro-cho, Tsurumi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa
230-0045, Japan
Email: fumiko.susa [at] riken.jp