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RIKEN Information R&D and Strategy Headquarters Infrastructure Research and Development Division

Director: Michihiko Minoh (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Michihiko Minoh (D.Eng.)

Aiming at the realization of RIKEN’s ICT Strategy, the division is designed to develop information technology for construction and operation of information infrastructure for researchers and provide supports required for digital innovation in research methods and data-driven science. It also contributes to the promotion of Open Science throughout RIKEN.

Lab Members

Principal investigator

Michihiko Minoh

Core members

Norio Kobayashi
Deputy Division Director
Masayuki Ihara
Deputy Division Director

Contact Information

Information Science Bldg.
2-1 Hirosawa
Wako, Saitama
351-0198 Japan


Data Knowledge Organization Unit
Norio Kobayashi (D.Eng.)
Data Management System Unit
Hideyuki Jitsumoto (Ph.D.)
Life Science Data Sharing Unit
Shuichi Onami (D.V.M., Ph.D.)
Medical Data Sharing Unit
Jun Seita (M.D., Ph.D.)
Advanced Networking Technology Unit
Katsushi Kobayashi (Ph.D.)