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RIKEN Center for Emergent Matter Science Strong Correlation Physics Research Group

Group Director: Yoshinori Tokura (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Yoshinori  Tokura(D.Eng.)

Our group investigates a variety of emergent phenomena in strongly correlated electron systems, which cannot be understood within the framework of conventional semiconductor/metal physics, to construct a new scheme for the relevant science. In particular, we focus on transport and optical properties in non-trivial spin/orbital structures, aiming at clarifying the correlation between the responses and spin/orbital state. In addition, we investigate electron systems with strong spin-orbit interaction, unraveling its impact on transport phenomena and other electronic properties.

Main Research Fields

  • Mathematical & Physical Sciences

Related Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering
  • Chemistry


  • strongly correlated electrons system
  • colossal magnetoresistance
  • high-temperature superconductors
  • multiferroics
  • topological insulators

Selected Publications

  • 1.Ueda, K., Oh, T., Yang, B.-J., Kaneko, R., Fujioka, J., Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Magnetic-field induced multiple topological phases in pyrochlore iridates with Mott criticality"
    Nat. Comm. 8, 15515 (2017).
  • 2.Shibata, K., Kovacs, A., Kiselev, N.S., Kanazawa, N., Dunin-Borkowski, R.E., and Tokura, Y:
    "Temperature and Magnetic Field Dependence of the Internal and Lattice Structures of Skyrmions
    by Off-Axis Electron Holography"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 118, 087202 (2017).
  • 3.Kanazawa, N., Nii, Y., Zhang, X. -X., Mishchenko, A. S., De Filippis, G., Kagawa, F., Iwasa, Y., Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Critical phenomena of emergent magnetic monopoles in a chiral magnet"
    Nat. Commun. 7, 11622 (2016).
  • 4.Ueda, K., Fujioka, J., Terakura, C., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Pressure and magnetic field effects on metal-insulator transitions of bulk and domain wall states in pyrochlore iridates"
    Phys. Rev. B 92, 121110(R) (2015).
  • 5.Kurumaji, T., Ishiwata, S., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Doping-Tunable Ferrimagnetic Phase with Large Linear Magnetoelectric Effect in a Polar Magnet Fe2Mo3O8"
    Physical Review X 5, 031034 (2015).
  • 6.Ueda, K., Fujioka, J., Yang, B.-J., Shiogai, J., Tsukazaki, A., Nakamura, S., Awaji, S., Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Magnetic Field-Induced Insulator-Semimetal Transition in a Pyrochlore Nd2Ir2O7"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 115, 056402 (2015).
  • 7.Shibata, K., Iwasaki, J., Kanazawa, N., Aizawa, S., Tanigaki, T., Shirai, M., Nakajima, T., Kubota, M., Kawasaki, M., Park, H. S., Shindo, D., Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Large Anisotropic Deformation of Skyrmions in Strained Crystal"
    Nature Nanotechnology 10, 589 (2015).
  • 8.Tokura, Y., Seki, S., and Nagaosa, N.:
    "Multiferroics of spin origin"
    Rep. Prog. Phys. 77, 076501 (2014).
  • 9.Nagaosa, N., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Topological properties and dynamics of magnetic skyrmions"
    Nat. Nanotechnol. 8, 899-911 (2013).
  • 10.Shibata, K., Yu, X. Z., Hara, T., Morikawa, D., Kanazawa, N., Kimoto, K., Ishiwata, S., Matsui, Y., and Tokura, Y.:
    "Towards control of the size and helicity of skyrmions in helimagnetic alloys by spin-orbit coupling"
    Nat. Nanotechnol. 8, 723-728 (2013).

Recent Research Results

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Yoshinori Tokura
Group Director

Core members

Chieko Terakura
Senior Technical Scientist
Yukako Fujishiro
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Hinako Murayama
Special Postdoctoral Researcher
Yoshio Kaneko
Research Consultant
Izumi Hirabayashi
Research Consultant
Masakazu Ichikawa
Research Consultant
Yasushi Ogimoto
Senior Visiting Scientist

Contact Information

Frontier Research Laboratory, 2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
Email: tokura [at] riken.jp