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Chief Scientist Laboratories Quantum Metrology Laboratory

Chief Scientist: Hidetoshi Katori (D.Eng.)

Research Summary

Hidetoshi  Katori(D.Eng.)

The quest for the superb precision of atomic spectroscopy contributed to the birth of the quantum-mechanics and to progress of modern physics. Highly precise atomic clocks, which are the outcomes of such research, are indeed the key technologies that support our modern society, such as the navigation with GPS and synchronization of high-speed communication networks. In 2001, we proposed a new atomic clock scheme, "optical lattice clock," which may allow us accessing to 18-digit-precision time/frequency in a measurement time of seconds. Armed with such high precision atomic clocks, we investigate fundamental physics such as the constancy of fundamental constants, whose coupling to the gravity, as well as application of such clocks to relativistic geodesy. In parallel, we explore quantum information technology and quantum metrology using "optical lattice clocks" as platforms to investigate the quantum feedback scheme and quantum simulator/computation.

Main Research Fields

  • Engineering

Related Research Fields

  • Interdisciplinary Science & Engineering


  • Quantum electronics
  • Atomic clock
  • Quantum metrology
  • Optical lattice clock
  • Relativistic geodesy

Selected Publications

Papers with an asterisk(*) are based on research conducted outside of RIKEN.

  • 1.Tetsushi Takano, Masao Takamoto, Ichiro Ushijima, Noriaki Ohmae, Tomoya Akatsuka, Atsushi Yamaguchi, Yuki Kuroishi, Hiroshi Munekane, Basara Miyahara, and Hidetoshi Katori.:
    "Geopotential measurements with synchronously linked optical lattice clocks"
    Nature Photon. 10, 662 (2016).
  • 2.Nils Nemitz, Takuya Ohkubo, Masao Takamoto, Ichiro Ushijima, Manoj Das, Noriaki Ohmae and Hidetoshi Katori.:
    "Frequency ratio of Yb and Sr clocks with 5×10-17 uncertainty at 150 seconds averaging time"
    Nat. Photon. 10, 258-261 (2016).
  • 3.Yamanaka, K., Ohmae, N., Ushijima, I., Takamoto, M., and Katori, H.:
    "Frequency Ratio of199Hg and87Sr Optical Lattice Clocks beyond the SI Limit"
    Physical Review Letters 114, 230801 (2015).
  • 4.Katori, H., Ovsiannikov, V. D., Marmo, S. I., and Palchikov, V. G.:
    "Strategies for reducing the light shift in atomic clocks"
    Physical Review A 91, 052503 (2015)
  • 5.Ushijima, I., Takamoto, M., Das, M., Ohkubo, T., and Katori, H.:
    "Cryogenic optical lattice clocks"
    Nature Photonics 9, 185-189 (2015)
  • 6.*Takamoto, M., Takano, T., and Katori, H.:
    "Frequency comparison of optical lattice clocks beyond the Dick limit"
    Nature Photonics 5, 288-292 (2011)
  • 7.*Katori, H.:
    "Optical lattice clocks and quantum metrology"
    Nature Photonics 5, 203-210 (2011)
  • 8.*Akatsuka, T., Takamoto, M., and Katori, H.:
    "Optical lattice clocks with non-interacting bosons and fermions"
    Nature Physics 4, 954-959 (2008)
  • 9.*Takamoto, M., Hong, F.L., Higashi, R., and Katori, H.:
    "An optical lattice clock"
    Nature 435, 321-324 (2005)
  • 10.*Katori, H., Takamoto, M., Pal'chikov, V.G., & Ovsiannikov, V.D.:
    "Ultrastable optical clock with neutral atoms in an engineered light shift trap"
    Phys. Rev. Lett. 91, 173005 (2003)

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Lab Members

Principal investigator

Hidetoshi Katori
Chief Scientist

Core members

Masao Takamoto
Senior Research Scientist
Noriaki Ohmae
Research Scientist
Atsushi Yamaguchi
Research Scientist
Yushi Kaneda
Visiting Scientist
Ichiro Ushijima
Visiting Scientist
Tetsushi Takano
Visiting Scientist
Tomoya Akatsuka
Visiting Scientist
Nils Nemitz
Visiting Scientist
Satoki Kawanishi
Visiting Scientist
Hiromitsu Imai
Visiting Scientist
Katsuya Oguri
Visiting Scientist
Akiko Gomyo
Visiting Scientist
Tamotsu Yamagami
Visiting Technician
Yosuke Takahashi
Visiting Technician
Fujio Shimizu
Research Consultant

Contact Information

2-1 Hirosawa, Wako, Saitama 351-0198, Japan
Email: hkatori [at] riken.jp